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FOOD ALLERGY: public health issue

Food allergy is a now epidemic with emphatic and significant implications. Over the past three decades, the prevalence of allergic diseases has markedly increased in develop countries. Food allergy is one of the earliest manifestations of allergy, and there are involving evidence that may represent the first step of the atopic March, which usually characterized by eczema in early infancy and allergic rhinitis in later childhood and adulthood. An internationally accepted diagnostic approach was adopted, based on a medical history, physical examination, skin Prick test, elimination diet and oral food challenges. Ten foods are most commonly used skin prick test in child population: egg yolk, egg white, cows milk, soybean, peanut, wheat, fish, shrimp, orange, and carrot. However, it is possible to do the test with a significantly higher number of food allergens, characteristic of the studied area. This screening test is very useful for further investigation and diagnosis.

Dr Olga Vuckovic Lidija Burazer
PhD Biochem
Acting Head of Allergens Production Department
Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera Torlak
Belgrade, Serbia

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