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CD spectrophotometer JASCO J- 815

The recently obtained CD spectropolarimeter at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade offers circular dichroism (CD analysis of proteins and nucleic acids) and thermal denaturation spectra acquisition and analysis. Jasco J-815 spectropolarimeter (picture) is equipped with Peltier temperature control for thermal unfolding studies and is the world's most sensitive chiro-optical spectrometer. It offers a range of measurement modes and hyphenated techniques such as Circular Dichroism (CD) and UV-Vis Absorbance, stopped-flow CD, near infrared CD. The mirrors in the J-815 are produced by a proprietary surfacing/plating/coating technique resulting in the highest reflectivity and optical throughput.

CD spectrophotometer JASCO J- 815


  1. secondary structure of macromolecules
  2. tertiary structure of macromolecules
  3. protein folding, unfolding or denaturation
  4. DNA/RNA interactions
  5. Protein/ligand interactions

Contact person: Maja Krstić, email: krstic_maja (at) chem.bg.ac.rs or krstic_maja (at) yahoo.com


  1. Wavelength range: 163 ~ 900 nm
  2. Four channel simultaneous data acquisition: 2 internal plus 2 external signals can be acquired simultaneously
  3. New auto-response measurement optimizes instrument response to scan speed and signal
  4. Extremely low stray light (better than 0.0003%) ensures accurate, reproducible CD data into the Far UV

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