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Reinforcement of the FCUB towards becoming a centre of excellence in the region of WB for molecular biotechnology
and food research

Belgrade Food International Conference
Final program

The FCUB-ERA project will enable the Faculty of Chemistry, University Belgrade (FCUB) to become more integrated into the Euroepa Research Area and to fully unlock its research potential.

Following a set of coherent measures, massive mobilization of the facilities’ research potential will be achieved through collaboration with and an active role of the outstanding EU partner institutions (VTT, Finland, KI, Sweden, INRA, France, RCB, Germany, RWTH, Germany, PPMB, Bulgaria and IRAS, the Netherlands). Strategic partnerships will be developed with EU research institutions already active in Food, Agriculture, Fisheries & Biotechnology thematic priority domain of FP7.

The FCUB will improve cooperation with other centers of excellence in the Western Balkan (WB) region and wider Europe. Significantly improved research and capacity of the facilities will contribute to regional economic and social development in the area of food research and molecular biotechnology, with a vision to improve public awareness on food safety and health effects of food. The institution will improve quality of its research and capacity to participate in FP7 projects in order to become an integral part of ERA.

The FCUB is centrally located in Belgrade, Serbia, and hence, perfectly suited for interactions with local universities, research institutes and industry, as well as, other institutions and industry in the Western Balkan region. A total of 27, 000 square meters are owned by the FCUB, which comprises research and training facilities, as well as, a well-established IT centre. In total, FCUB has 147 research laboratories and permanently employs 46 senior researchers and 50 research and teaching assistants.

Food research and Molecular Biotechnology at FCUB
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