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Hybrid mass spectrometer LTQ Orbitrap XL with Acella UHPLC and easyLC II nanoLC systems

The recently obtained mass spectrometer at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade is a state of the art machine, capable of performing almost any mass spectrometry related task. The hybrid setup, comprised of a linear ion trap and an Orbitrap analyzer gives unprecedented amount of information per run. Dual front end enables a very wide scope of analysis, ranging from intact proteins to complex biological samples to small molecule structural and stereoscopical analysis.

NanoLC enables work with extremely complex peptide mixture, making this machine the workhorse of the emerging proteomics centre at the Faculty of Chemistry.

High analysis speed, possible due to UHPLCs high pressure limits and advanced columns allows high-throughput analysis of small molecules, with high sensitivity and resolution.

Outstanding mass accuracy, resolving power and high sensitivity MSn performance make the LTQ Orbitrap XL the instrument of choice for identifying and characterizing more compounds in less time.

Hybrid mass spectrometer

Mass range: 50-4000 m/z
Mass resolution: FTMS 100.000, Ion trap 40000 (zoom scan)
Sensitivity: Linear Trap: 250 fg reserpine (<100 S/N). Orbitrap: Subfemtomole range for peptides
Mass precision: <2ppm


  1. pesticide residue analysis
  2. trace allergens in foods
  3. drug metabolism
  4. compound fingerprinting in food of controlled geographical origin

Sample form

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