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Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is to build the research capacity of the FCUB in the area of food research and molecular biotechnology to a level of excellence similar to that observed in the EU and to make research at FCUB better co-ordinated, efficient, innovative and attractive to the best of scientists, and hence, establish better opportunity for integration into the ERA.

It will be achieved through significant improvement of infrastructure, human resources and fostering of strategic partnerships with outstanding EU institutions, using the following set of coherent measures:

  1. Building the research capacity of the FCUB by recruiting two experienced researchers.
  2. Reinforcing the research capacity by massive mobilization and training of the research staff ( several shorter mutual visits (1 visit of 3 months and 6 visits of 1 month) specifically targeting the training of researchers in support to facilities reinforcement, 6 short-term scientific missions (3 months each visit) for the purposes of training of researchers related to food research and molecular biotechnology and several shorter visits for improvement of managerial and presentational skills).
  3. Reinforcing research facilities to enable cutting-edge research, complement and improve existing research facilities. Acquisition and upgrade of the equipment will comprise facilities for Protein Analysis towards establishing a Proteomics Center at the FCUB, Facilities for Molecular Biotechnology, Cell Culture Facilities and Structural Instrumental Analysis Facilities. The facilities will be round-up to support research both on biomacromolecules and small molecules for the purposes of food safety and quality control, as well as research on new enzyme tools in food science.
  4. Establishing strategic partnerships and exchanging know-how and experience with outstanding EU research institutions active in the Food, Fisheries, Agriculture and Biotechnology thematic priority domain of the EU. Those include: VTT Technical Research Centre-Food Biotechnology, Espoo, Finland, INRA, Nantes, France, Institute of Biotechnology, Athens, Greece, RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Biotechnology, Germany, Research Center Borstel, Germany, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, Utrecht University, Utrech, the Netherlands, University of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by mutual researchers exchange for the purposes of accomplishing collaborative research projects (short term scientific research missions) and mutual visits of senior researchers in order to discuss research projects and collaboration, as well as joint projects applications. The partner institutions will also take active role in training of the research staff to enable the most efficient implementation of the acquired equipment and in dissemination of the project’s results by active role in workshops and conferences organized by the FCUB.
  5. Improving visibility of the FCUB and facilitating knowledge transfer by dissemination and promotion of the results of the project at international, regional and national level and with selected industry partners, by attending scientific meetings, conferences, publishing in highly cited journals, starting-up a web page, organizing a press conference to inform public and media on the achivements of the projects and possibilities that FCUB can offer to interested research institutions and industry in Serbia and initiating the Food Interest Group within the Serbian Chemical Society.
  6. Improving writing and presentational skills of the staff by organizing a seminar given by an international expert on scientific writing. Improving managerial and presentational skills by several visits of senior research staff and managers to EU-partners institutions and their Grant’s offices (3 visits, 7 days each).
  7. Improving the research and training reputation of the institution by organizing two workshops and one conference.

Concluding remarks:

The project will significantly reinforce the S&T potential of the FCUB by supporting and mobilizing its human and material resources, involving the recruitment of the incoming experienced researchers; it will develop and foster strategic partnerships with outstanding EU research institutions working actively in the field of food research and molecular biotechnology who share similar interests with the FCUB; results of the project will be disseminated at the international, regional and national level, the links with industry and SME will be improved, increasing the FCUB contribution to regional economic and social sustainable development in the area of food research, biotechnology, food safety and quality; capability of FCUB to participate in European research cooperation, in particular FP7 projects, will be increased. The project will promote top-level research at FCUB with the long-term goal to strengthen science and research at FCUB in a sustainable manner.

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