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Project structure

The project’s implementation is organized into four work packages:

Work Package 1:

  1. Management of the project
  2. Coordination of the project
  3. Work packages management
  4. Advisory committee
  5. Communication management

Work Package 2:

  1. Research facilities reinforcement
  2. Upgrade of protein analysis facilities
  3. Upgrade of molecular biotechnology facilities
  4. Upgrade of cell and tissue culture facilities
  5. Upgrade of structural instrumental analysis facilities
  6. Mobility and training for protein analysis and proteomics
  7. Mobility and training for molecular biotechnology
  8. Mobility and training for cell culture techniques
  9. Mobility and training for structural instrumental analysis

Work Package 3:

  1. Research potential reinforcement
  2. Building research capacity
  3. Reinforcing research capacity for molecular biotechnology and food research
  4. Reinforcing managerial and presentational skills

Work Package 4:

  1. Dissemination and promotion
  2. Building and maintenance of a web-portal
  3. Dissemination of the results
  4. Publishing and promoting

Research groups:

RG1, Group leader: Tanja Ćirković Veličković; Interest: Food bioprocessing; Health effects of food; Food safety, including food allergens; Food digestion.
RG2, Group leader: Marija Gavrović-Jankulovićv; Interest: Food nutrients with immunomodulatory potential; Food safety including food allergens; Food probiotics; Health effects of food.
RG3, Group leader: Ratko Jankov; Interest: Enzyme isolation and characterization; Enzyme stabilization and application in nonaqueos systems.
RG4, Group leader: Zoran Vujčić; Interest: Food bioprocessing; Food safety, including food contaminants; Food utilization; Animal feedstuffs.
RG5, Group leader: Miroslav Vrvić; Interest: Food biotechnology; Food supplements; Food microbiology; Food safety control; Health effects of food.
RG6, Group leader: Živoslav Tešić; Interest: Determination of trace elements in food by ICP and AAS; Trace analysis of pesticides residues by HPLC-UV detection; Chromatographic analysis (HPTLC, HPLC, IC) of food additives; Water quality control (analysis of anions) by ion chromatography; Application of bioassays for screening purposes of POPs chemicals in food.

The management committee (MC) consists of: Project coordinator (PC); Work packages leaders (WPL); Communication manager (CM).

Advisory committee (AC) consists of experts from each of the eight collaborating institutions: Estelle Bonin (INRA), Theodorus Sotiridius (IBRB), Marianne van Hage (KI),Johanna Buchert (VTT), Ulrich Schwaneberg (RWTH), Arnd Petersen (RCB), Joost Smit (IIT), Ivan Minkov (PPMB) and Branimir Jovancicevic (FCUB).

Research group leaders (RGL) and MC make projects consortium. The project consortium consists of teams highly specialized in the specified research fields: food (bio)processing technologies (VTT), polysaccharide chemistry and technology, fruit and vegetables (INRA), mode of action of enzymes (IBRB), food allergens characterization (RC), proteomics and advanced structural analysis of biomolecules, cloning and characterization of allergens, biological function and health effects at the cellular level (KI), molecular biotechnology and protein engineering (RWTH), food safety assessment (IRAS), plant biotechnology and plant physiology (PPMB), corresponding to research interests of the FCUB (food biotechnology, food quality and safety and health ffects of food).

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